generative video, camouflage tent, faux leaves, LED lights

two-channel video installation [10’06” / 07’ 21”]
text prompt generated video and narrative pre-trained text-to-image models:
Clip+VQGAN, miniDALL-E, diffusion, ruDALL-E, Dream Studio


PROMPT: WAR STORIES is a project developed using GPT-3 and various pre-trained text-to-image models [DALL-E 2, stable diffusion], through a series of text prompt inputs chosen by the author.
These pre-trained models consist of quantified traces of reality and collective histories, becoming a substance for algorithms to generate content that recycles the past.
On the borderline between sensitive content and an easy slip into topics of violence, this project explores the depths of the subconscious of these models, excavating the influences of media and online information exchange. These models build the spine of quasi-historical narratives simulated by the algorithms and often obfuscated with prejudice and misinformation, along with the author’s personal bias.
lack of agency, oversaturated media, and perpetual state of war - all of that as part of our collective histories now being reiterated into two imaginary narratives - one more fantasy-like heroic context while the other is a reality simulator. work is proposing a colonised imagination, inviting us to sit on the safe side of this tent-membrane-information shelter and meditate on the generative ideologies of war

Ars Electronica Blog

Crossing the Bridge: Interface Cultures @ Ars Electronica Festival

Photo credits: Indiara Di Benedetto, Miha Godec, Florian Voggender©Ars Electronica Festival / Sarah Tasha Huber©Queer Museum Vienna / Ana Simona Zelenovic©FRAULEIN MAGAZINE

QUEERTOPIA by Ana Simona Zelenovic. FRAULEIN MAGAZINE #36. 2023



real-time generative video installation
computer vision, artificial intelligence, apophenia, pareidolia, cold reading

FUTUREFALSEPOSITIVE is a project based on StyleGAN and object recognition algorithms applied to the ritual of Turkish coffee cup reading. The algorithm performs this continuous object recognition process in real-time—reading the cup—while producing new visual narratives in a loop.
In this process, a relation has been established between false positives in computer vision and the psychological phenomena of pareidolia and apophenia. The interplay between prediction as a false positive and prophecy as apophenia - the tendency to perceive meaningful connections between seemingly unrelated things - does not only focus on absurdity but on possibilities of creative interpretation when trying to understand the technical processes behind it.

*special thanks to Miloš Trifunović and Thomas Hoch


Barbara Jazbec, Kristina Tica

POWER STRANGERS is an interactive real-time video and audio installation. It consists of a web camera, projector and a water tank filled with reactive slime. It is based on custom-made face detection algorithm. When approaching the installation, the spectator’s face is being traced by a live camera feed. The data received from the camera is being processed and projected inside the tank, only when the spectator turns away from the installation - therefore, they are never able to see the projection of their face.
Lurking behind the spectator, there is an image of them disconnected from the self, yet dependent on it - becoming their ghost. Contemporary ghosts live in the digital data and they generate the power of the automated surveillance systems. Extracting the disembodied - virtual presence from its real life experience, introduces the idea of being haunted by your own ghost - your own digital data. In context of hauntology and retro-futurism, it aims to present current state of commodification towards global surveillance capitalism. Referencing a pop-culture phenomenon that marks the 90’s generations, whose youth seems to be the last one to grasp pre-internet or pre-social media times, the aim of this project is to suggest what comes as a phenomenon of the post-internet world. In this world, the ghosts that exist do not come from a haunted house, they come from our own digital traces. We are all strangers whose ghosts roam around in the world of data, and we generate the power of that world. The more we learn about power that we have to shape this world, the better rangers for the future we are.


Delo [SI]

ETV [10' 03"]helsinki.at [26’07”]
Speculum Artium

Photo credits:
Barbara Jazbec, Kevin Blackistone, Kristina Tica

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