PROMPT: WAR STORIES is a project developed using GPT-3 and various pre-trained text-to-image models, through a series of text prompt inputs chosen by the author.

These pre-trained models consist of quantified traces of reality and collective histories, becoming a substance for algorithms to generate content that recycles the past.

On the borderline between sensitive content and an easy slip into topics of violence, this project explores the depths of the subconscious of these models, excavating the influences of media and online information exchange. These models build the spine of quasi-historical narratives simulated by the algorithms and often obfuscated with prejudice and misinformation, along with the author’s personal bias.

lack of agency, oversaturized media, and perpetual state of war - all of that as part of our collective histories now being reiterated into two imaginary narratives - one more fantasy like heroic context while the other simulates reality. work is initself ironic, does not expect us to reflect in any specific matter but to sit on the safe side of this tent/membrane/information shelter and meditate on the generaative ideologies of war
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