Was ist Visa?
Barbara Jazbec, Kristina Tica

360 Video / VR Performance
Duration: 15’ 11’”

Barbara, 27, Slovenia, asks Kristina, 25, Serbia, to help her understand what a Visa is.

In Locktown, Austria, an event takes place in times where limits of mobility, through isolation and disconnection outside of virtual intimacy are being extensively questioned.
Borders, boundaries and limitations are part of people’s lives, where freedom always exists within determined limits. Each place of residence comes with different freedoms.
Those rules and differences that create the feeling of otherness are often invisible from the outside, yet they regulate our lives, they can be written in our passports.
Those passports that are always carried with sweaty hands have taught you about those limits much before any lockdown -
your place of birth determines your otherness whenever you cross the threshold called border.
Also, there would be no neighbours if there would be no borders. Maybe the division makes the difference.
Universal languages of cultural exchange and violence of division come as reaction to the invisible otherness that we have to face.
The shared artistic heritage of performative art experiments has created a suitable dialogue of representations of these differences,
opening up one possibility for understanding the other side, while travelling without movement.
Therefore not identifying national identities, but the language of migration policies, we discover the imaginary border that makes The Other.

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