slit-scan project
programmed in javascript

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Exhibition views:
Prosthetic Pavillion Vol.2, Remont Gallery [November 2019]
Bye, Photography!, Artget Gallery [November 2018] 
Catch 22/Kvaka 22 [July 2018]

The Uncanny Mirror is a generative interactive installation, based on a web camera, computer program and a projector/screen. The camera records the video in real-time, and the slit-scan program which I have written generates numeric values of the digital video footage. As the result, the projected material is showing the fragments of video frames aligned as a stream of pixel columns, similar to a scanning process, sliding over the screen, until the whole image has been created. After each full scan-pass across the width of the screen, the program is taking a screenshot, leaving a photo document approximately every half a minute of its activity, which are being posted to Uncanny Mirror Instagram, after being selected and curated.

Visitors are invited to participate and to create a site-specific image. This participative generative installation is giving an example of transformative possibilities of the digital image, exploring and showing the depth of the data behind the computer interface layer.


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