2019 - 2021
generative real-time video installation,
based on machine learning program for motion tracking
program written in javascript

This work has been created as an exercise in motion-tracking using Pose Net, exhibited as part of a curatorial project about the phenomenon of participation in art by Kristina Sedlarević, specifically chosen to be an simple example of participation in media arts.

Surveillance Disco is using real-time video recording to relocate the presence of a visitor in a room, onto a limited projective surface. On that surface, the movement of the visitors is being tracked using a computer vision motion tracking program. The motions of the visitors are depersonalised and visually interpreted as red lines and dots. Through statistical data processing, the visual information is reduced to basic coordinates - referent joint points of a human body. Their movement could create an infinite number of variable constellations. Visualisation of a surveillance technology points to the layers of data behind a digital video recording in one way of interpretation as an example of how computers could see us. This is an interactive, but, primarily, a participatory project in which the visual output depends only on the actual presence of a person. The visitor-participant is not instructed with a set of rules. He does not have to aware of the fact that he is participating in the creation of a digital recording, but the visual output of the recording itself depends on his presence.
This piece has been created as a visual-sensory reminder on our every-day participation in creating digital images where our reality becomes a statistical dance of numerical data on a pixel grid.


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