Tangible interactive object / remote touch
shape memory alloy, ESP32, capacitive sensing

MŒRÆ v3 is and extension of a concept revolving aroung Moirai [Mœræ]
from Greek, and many other mythologies. 

After the 3-channel video piece and archival prints made in 2016-17,
I have decided to take the idea to another medium and level of interaction.

The videos below represent an experimental musical interface which I created for research purposes at MA Interface Cultures, Kunstuniversität Linz.

It is based on capacitive touch sensors and TeensyLC -
each sensor produces a different note in a pentatonic scale, and modulates the sound control in Helm. 


After developing the prototype as a MIDI instrument,
the principle of the tangible instrument is currently being extended into a
wearable object and tangible interactive installation.

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