Tangible interactive object / remote touch
shape memory alloy, ESP32, capacitive sensing


Mœræ is an interactive installation that explores the poetics of remote touch through sensors and smart materials in the form of a tangible and wearable object. Interdependency and causality of
physical movement between two or more agencies has been enhanced through network communication within these materials, changing the structure of the thread not only in visual but in molecular sense. Embodying the questions of fate and causality through a myth, this project materialises our intertwined presence where touch travels further than the limits of its skin.



MŒRÆ v3 is and extension of a concept revolving aroung Moirai [Mœræ]
from Greek, and many other mythologies. 

After the 3-channel video piece and archival prints made in 2016-17,
I have decided to take the idea to another medium and level of interaction.

The videos below represent an experimental musical interface
which I created for research purposes at MA Interface Cultures, Kunstuniversität Linz.

It is based on capacitive touch sensors and TeensyLC -
each sensor produces a different note in a pentatonic scale, and modulates the sound control in Helm. 


After developing the prototype as a MIDI instrument,
the principle of the tangible instrument is currently being extended into a
wearable object and tangible interactive installation.

The first version of the object has been presented
at the group show ENTANGLEMENTS at U10 ArtSpace, Belgrade in July 2021

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