My own body is the temporary actualization of an enormous hybrid, social, and technobiological hyper­ body. The contemporary body resembles a flame. It is often tiny, isolated, separated, nearly motionless. Lat­er, it moves outside itself, intensified by sports or drugs, is transmitted by means of a satellite, launches a virtual arm high in the air, flows through medical or communications networks. It entwines itself with the public body and burns with the same heat, shines with the same light as other body-flames. It then returns, transformed, to its quasi-private sphere, and continues thus, sometimes here, sometimes there, sometimes alone or with others. One day, it will detach itself com­pletely from the hyperbody and vanish.

Pierre Levy - Becoming Virtual. Reality in the Digital Age (1998)

@aiamanai is a social media profile of antikris, a personal digital echo and an alter ego of myself, carrying my face, voice and words. It is a compilation of scripts, thoughts and contemplative leftovers of theory writings, spoken in my voice by a digital twin.

This techno-evangelistic content-distributing blonde model protagonist presents quick demos for social appearance that would otherwise require months or days to produce. This is an immediate, almost effortless, content-distributor which I aim to use and appropriate for most of my online public appearances.

The model reads scripts about the importance of understanding our fascination with computation and technology, written as a personal reflection on the topic, outside of my academic research.

She is a filter for all non-academic writing styles that include knowledge and feelings infused into the investigative process of my professional engagement. 

It is an ongoing social media project formatted in a series of short videos, posted weekly on the project’s social media account, raising questions about the potential benefits and limitations of relying on AI-driven solutions.

By asking questions, and offering an ironic approach that touches on the concept of collective intelligence and cultural capital as sources of knowledge simulated by AI tools.

This implies not only a critique of the limitations of AI in truly comprehending and interacting with the human notions of existence, but human behavioural patterns dictated by the algorithmic digital world.

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