twenty-one part Instagram story (posted daily)

single / multi-channel video [06’ 37”]
video installation dimensions variable

I Will Disappear Through Your Screen is a video project first presented in a form of a series of Instagram stories, posted daily on my personal account (@ticakristina). The reason behind the idea of using such format and platform is because of the slot-machine like suspense and anticipation that an Instagram story interface possesses.
To break the endless cycle of mundane activities posted on Instagram stories of the users, the idea was to create a short mystery film. This film has been created from my personal video archive, creating a narrative for a ghost on the screen, which is trapped in it. The video is imagined as a retro-horror piece inspired by the experimental films of Kenneth Anger.
The communication with the audience, through partial appearance and the disappearance of the videos every twenty-four hours prolongs the mystery, involving audience in the common interactivity within this mobile application. 

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