A collection of  text and image content,
fully generated by text prompts
using OpenAI GPT-3 model, VQGAN+CLIP,
allenAI, inferkit, DALL-E mini

Pictorial and textual experimentations on
excavation of the subconsious of a database.
All of the tools for text generating wer

e used as pretrained models.

Considering the intransparency of the databases and models commercialised
for a broad use in research and industry,
the aim of the project is to hack possible interpretations and representations
that might be held within these models.

With many ‘sensitive context’ warnings, these systems are auto-censored
regardless of  the bias that became to complex to be addressed -
the one that has been concieved by the logic of
‘there is no better data like more data’,
where correlation and causality
split the world into two different logics.

The rupture is there, however, one world tries to inject itself into the other
- against technosolutionism  -
some kinds of implemetation of computing processes and automation
cause more  issues than problem solving.

Where is the line between the complexities of  
social, ethical and moral issues
and the optimisation of life?

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