CAGES (Poetics of Space)
stone lithography | digital photography | drawings

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Measuring dimensions of intimacy -- of the view:
the degree of presence - in -- the seen.

The grid - either a curtain or a cage, is a coordinate system for moving from space [where we are] to the view [what we see]. Separating, yet constructing and directing the flow ; the interface between the inner and the outer
~ a grid that makes the outward perspective as a reflection of the inward space.

Archiving memories and mapping the presence, observed - within the awareness of the personal ]being[ and identification with it. The synthetic geometry of awareness and notion of the grid, is recognising and removing the boundary into a non-place, it is the [from / between] space -- that breaks the logical external relations of the elements inside-out, linking the view within the presence. The deconstruction of the seen is a reconstruction of a memory, as key references and acknowledgments to the recognition of past, and non-actual, descriptive self-activation.
The task of such a procedure is to double the already asserted role of the artwork as the principle of affirmation of the existence of ** - his own, as well as the author's existence and presence, in this case, directly taking into account the issue of space - where we are and what we see.
**Friedrich Nietzsche — ’Art is essentially the affirmation, the blessing, and the deification of existence.'

This notion does not consider the artwork as art, but art as manifestation of cognition of life: in negation of opposing linear directions of it, from-in--to-out and vice versa -> turning it into an affirmation of mutual simultaneous exchange of the two. 


This project reflects on the visual contemplations on space, as outward / as inward.

An analogical example can be proposed in the context of perception and subjective reclamation of the concept of time through the following question:

When you celebrate your birthday, do you say you
1. turned (gained/earned) another year of your life?  (one plus, until the time you die?) [an outward outcome]
2. lost another year of your life? (one minus, until the time you die?)  [an inward outcome]

Anyhow, the birthday is the grid, wherever you are at in this story.

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