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Measuring dimensions of intimacy of the view: the degree of presence in the seen.
The boundaries of the space create the geometry of the soul. The view determines the point, within the architecture of  memory.

The grid - either a curtain or a cage, is a coordinate system for moving from space [where we are] to the view [what we see]. Separating, but also directing the flow of the interface between the inner and the outer, it gives the character and spirit to what is seen.

Archiving memories and mapping the presence, observed - within the awareness of the personal space and identification with it. The synthetic geometry of awareness and notion of consciousness, recognising and removing the boundary into a non-place, it is from / between - breaks the logical external relations of the elements inside-out, linking the view with the presence. The deconstruction of the seen is a reconstruction of a memory, as key references and acknowledgments to the recognition of past, and non-actual, descriptive self-activation.
The task of such a procedure is to double the already asserted role of the artwork as the principle of affirmation of the existence of * - his own, as well as the author's existence and presence, in this case, directly taking into account the issue of space - where we are and what we see. *Friedrich Nietzsche — ’Art is essentially the affirmation, the blessing, and the deification of existence.'

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